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About Us

Fastagger is a platform that provides image annotation services to AI-driven companies. Our goal is to accelerate AI applications by providing access to high-quality data enhanced by human interaction.

We help companies doing AI save time, noting that it would take 10,000 hours for a small startup team of 10 people to label 1,000,000 images required for their deep learning model.

Our clients have access to better data for their training models through our carefully managed image annotation services.


Our Focus

We understand your requirement and provide quality services.
Semantic segmentation

Labeling each pixel in an image with the corresponding class of what is being represented.

Bounding box / Cuboid

Drawing a box around certain objects within an image. This includes 2D and 3D image annotation.

Polygon /

Drawing lines (with an arbitrary number of sides) or contours as outlines on objects in an image.

Categorization / Classification

Mapping a given image or objects within an image to a set of defined class labels.


Our Core

We support you in preparing quality training data for your Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence projects

Increased accuracy

We ensure high quality data by taking your data through multiple cycles of quality assurance.


Enhanced tooling

Our AI will adapt  to your data making it cheaper and faster to label over time.


Data privacy

We ensure your data is kept private and secure by limiting access to only authorized vetted annotators.


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