Using Generative AI to Help MSMEs Scale

Fastagger harnesses the power of data to help MSMEs grow. By using AI to increase sales and loyalty, we help small businesses scale.

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Boost Sales with AI-powered Analytics

Grow Your Business

Using our AI we help you identify new revenue opportunities to increase your profits and better position your business for funding and growth.

Customer Intelligence

Our platform uses privacy preserving models to process large amounts of data, allowing you to identify customer patterns and trends that would be impossible to detect manually.

Retain Your Customers

Using our deep analytics you can manage rewards by creating targeted messaging and promotions that speak directly to your customers’ interests.

Decentralized Customer Retention

Auni brings customer intelligence and engagement to decentralized mobile-first retail. Our privacy-preserving technology allows you to engage directly with your customers and keep them satisfied.

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Digital platforms such as Fastagger are providing great tools and solutions for businesses and at the same time creating more work opportunities for the youth.

“I was able to see my business in numbers for the first time and got more investors interested in expanding my business.” 

-Peter – Master Stylist

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